This week we feature an incredible image of a Warty Prowfish shooting out a cloud of presumably toxic fluid.  We see Port Jackson Sharks mating and talk about cannibalistic shark embryos. The 12 new fish movies complete the current series on wrasses.  Thank you as always to all contribu

New fact sheets:

Oophagous sharks Learn about cannibalism in embryonic sharks.

New blog post:

What's in a name? Few things annoy me more than ...

New images:

Eastern Gambusia a major pest species in south-eastern Australia
Port Jackson Sharks mating #1 3 images of Port Jackson Sharks mating
Tail of Escolar 2 new images of an Escolar showing the keels on the caudal peduncle
Warty Prowfish and cloudy fluid A fish that shoots out a cloud of toxic fluid.

New movies:

Bicolor Cleanerfish, Labroides bicolor
Bluehead Wrasse at Julian Rocks
Carpet Wrasse at Julian Rocks
Floral Maori Wrasse in the Gold Coast Seaway
Golden Wrasse at Cook Island
Green Moon Wrasse at Julian Rocks
Ringed Slender Wrasse at Flinders Reef
Senator Wrasse at Bare Island
Sixbar Wrasse, Thalassoma hardwicke
Slingjaw Wrasse at Pixie's Pinnacle
Snakeskin Wrasse at Bare Island
Threespot Wrasse, Halichoeres trimaculatus