It was another big week with heaps of new fishy content added to the site.  Two of the highlights were the spotting of juvenile Roundface Batfish in Sydney Harbour and the addition of a stunning Halimeda Ghostpipefish image.  Follow the links below to read more about these and other hap

New blog posts:

Batfish in Sydney Harbour
Shark blood production

New FAQ sheets:

Can Fishes Hear?
Why are they called parrotfishes?
Why do mullet leap?
Why is it dark in the deepsea?
How often can a Porcupinefish inflate?

New images:

Cheeseman Island
Galapagos shark
Halimeda Ghostpipefish, Solenostomus halimeda
Juvenile Roundface Batfish
Melbourne Skate, Spiniraja whitleyi
Spotted Dragonet
Spotted Dragonet at Clifton Gardens
Spotted Dragonet, Repomucenus calcaratus

New movies:

Goblin Shark movies
Tadpole Coffinfish on the North West Shelf

New fieldwork page:

Kermadec Islands Expedition

New image gallery:


New photographers:

Dr Barry Hutchins

New volunteer:

Carson Creagh