One of the highlights of the week was 'talking fish' with students at the Australian Museum Science Festival.

The Science Festival is a two week event packed full of exciting science displays and talks.  The Fish Section are doing our bit to spread the word. Amanda, Sally and Mark have all showed off weird and wonderful specimens from the fish collection.

New movies:

Bony Bream, Nematalosa erebi
Midgley's Grunter, Pingalla midgleyi
Spotted Scat, Scatophagus argus

New images:

Crested Sabretooth Blenny, Petroscirtes mitratus
Frostfish, Lepidopus caudatus
Mosaic Leatherjacket close up
Scott's Shore Eel, Alabes scotti
Sculptured Frogfish, Halophryne queenslandiae

New fact sheets:

Diamondscale Goatfish, Parupeneus ciliatus
Teraglin, Atractoscion aequidens
Yellowspot Goatfish, Parupeneus indicus

New family index:

Trichiuridae - Frostfishes and Hairtails

'Old visitors':

Open Day 2004