ZZ Top didn't visit (unfortunately), but the bearded Peter Unmack did. The totally bizarre Bearded Leatherjacket also made an appearance.

Our frequent visitor, and past staff member, John Pogonoski provided the Silver Perch images ... perhaps I am over doing the beard link, but 'pogon' comes from the Greek for 'beard'.

And speaking of 'pogon', a new species of bearded fish has recently been described from Antarctica.  The Hopbeard Plunderfish, Pogonophryne neyelovi, lives in deep water in the Ross Sea.

Thank you to our New Caledonian connection, 'eel man' Mike Miller for his images of the Blue Streamgoby and closer to home, Bold & Beautiful  swimmer Nick Dawkins, for his Smooth (shaven?) Flutemouth image.

New visitor:

Peter Unmack - 2013

New images:

Bearded Leatherjacket, Anacanthus barbatus
Bearded Leatherjacket at Bowen
Blue Streamgoby, Sicyopterus lagocephalus
Blue Streamgoby habitat
Silver Perch - head
Silver Perch, Bidyanus bidyanus
Smooth Flutemouth, Fistularia commersonii

New movies:

Bearded Leatherjacket, Anacanthus barbatus
Silver Perch, Bidyanus bidyanus