My name is Parrys Raines and I am 14 years old. I am currently the Youth Ambassador for World Wide Fund for Nature.

I am in year 8 at St Marys Star of the Sea College in Wollongong. I love sport and being in the great outdoors. I have four national titles and one Oceania title. I have completed level two in Safe Surfing, an introduction course to Ice Climbing and have my PADI Diver Certification. I have represented my school and region in indoor and outdoor soccer. I am just getting started in Mountain Bike riding and may start to compete this year. I played the violin for five years but have just changed over to drums.

When I was in year four I discovered film and started to make documentaries. I like the use of film for communication as it means I can reach a larger audience. I have made movies/documentaries about Polar Bears, My Life, Bananas, Machinery – Diggers, and a Science Show about experiments on light.

I am using film-making as a way to teach kids about the environment and one special project I am working on is a documentary about organ-utans after a trip to Borneo last year.

I am currently the Youth Ambassador for WWF (World Wide Fund for Nature). WWF is an international conservation organisation. I am honoured to be part of WWF and share their values.

I have represented Australia twice in sport and won a Bronze and Gold medal. I felt really proud to have achieved this but I felt more proud when I was selected by the United Nations Environment Program to represent Australia at the International Children’s Conference of the Environment in Norway in June 2008. I was also selected to speak at the conference. I spoke about how climate change was going to affect Australia. I was named Environmental Hero of the month for November 2008 by the United Nations.

I often get to ask to speak at schools and environmental events and I enjoy this. I have found that other children are interested in helping and learning about the environment but are not sure how to go about it.

My motto is “habits made today will help life tomorrow”.