Saturday 27 March at 8.30pm the fourth Earth Hour will be held.

I can’t hide the fact that I love Earth Hour. I love Earth Hour because such a simplistic action has a powerful message. As long as you can reach the light switches you can participate and this event puts the power in the hands of children and youth across the world. It is a way for us to have a voice. It is also an opportunity for friends and family to unite, share, learn, communicate and act together. Earth Hour is also a celebration of our planets rich biodiversity and the sustainable life systems it provides us.

Earth Hour is in its fourth year and it has grown each year. This year our global unified voices will be again heard by world leaders who were unable to come to an agreement on a significant formal climate change policy in Copenhagen last year. These leaders will be meeting again this year so the bigger Earth Hour will be the bigger the message these decision makers get.

When I campaigned for Earth Hour in Europe and Norway in 2008 and was able to convince two countries to participate in Earth Hour I was happy naturally but I felt hopeful for our planets future. Ordinary people from around the globe want our leaders to take action on climate change and ensure our planets sustainability for future generations. Earth Hour gives the world’s population a vehicle to help drive change.

Environmental issues facing our planet are sometimes overwhelming and Earth Hour allows me to do something to help. It gives me the power to act not only once a year but at different times of the year.

I heard on the radio this morning on the way to school on how much electricity prices have gone up and that prices are set to rise even more, soon. It was also said that there were a lot of people who could not afford to pay their bills and had their power turned off. Again those with less get less. How are these people supposed to feed their families fresh healthy food if they have no means of storing it. Imagine if all government housing had solar panels. The government wins in two ways. They provide power to those in need with low cost electricity or even free and they help the planet in the process.

You can visit the Earth Hour website to get information  

If any schools or kids out there are doing something “cool” to participate in Earth Hour the museum and I would love to hear about it!!!

Just one last thing, try to use 100% beeswax candles as they are better for the planet. They are non-toxic, smoke free and non allergenic. Beeswax candles are not petroleum based, they are natural beeswax and if you buy 100% Australian they can be carbon neutral. Now that’s good!

Have a fun and safe Earth Hour where ever you are.

Remember “Habits made today will help life tomorrow.”