On Wednesday the 22nd of July I attended a Sustainable Workshop at the Australian Museum.

In the future I would like to run workshops for kids about the environment and climate change. So I went along to help out Steve Vogel with one of his workshops at the museum. It was a small group and it was great to see that this group of kids had a broad knowledge about climate change.

The workshop started out with discussions about climate change which was a lot of fun. We then went into the climate change exhibition where Steve gave a detailed explanation on each different section. The kids were really enthusiastic and asked a lot of interesting questions. When we got to the section where we had to dance to generate power to light up the disco ball was hilarious. The faster we danced the more power we made, so there were some interesting dance floor moves!

After we used up all our energy Steve took us back into the conference room to make sustainable cleaning products. The only ingredients we used were bi-carb soda, vinegar and water. I made a window cleaner so now my parents have me cleaning every window in the house!

Chemicals have a bad impact on our environment and our health, so using natural products is better for the environment and us. Making a simple change from harsh products to natural products is an easy transition. If all households made this easy change together it would make a big difference to the environment.

I do as many things as I can to help the environment and I am always looking for new ways that I can help the environment even if it’s a small change. For example I play football (soccer) for two teams, I train four nights a week and play Saturday and Sunday. Last season I kept all the used tape and made a ball. The tape ball ended up bigger than a tennis ball and was heading for landfill. So for every kid that plays a sport that uses tape on their shoes and socks also has a tape ball and all these tape balls just end up in landfill.

This season I bought a pair of boots that has elastic to hold down the tongue and a pair of sock holders. The sock holders are made of material and Velcro and are reusable. Usually I would use a roll of tape a week. Over a season I would use close to 18 rolls of tape. There are 26 players in total for the two teams I play in. So, 26 players multiplied by 18 roles of tape equals 468 roles of tape. This tape can only be used once and ends up as landfill. If all 26 players made the same change and didn’t need to buy tape this would mean less landfill and less carbon in the atmosphere from the production to make the tape and transportation from the factory to stores. Parents win as well as they save money because they don’t have to buy tape.

Overconsumption is a big issue, we need to think differently about the things we use and buy to make sure we have a planet that is healthy and sustainable.

Remember “Habits made today will help life tomorrow.”