If you are a fish, one of the most effective ways to avoid a predator must be to leave the water.  Fishes have evolved different strategies to do just that, but few manage to do so as spectacularly as the flyingfishes. It is not uncommon to see a fish glide up to 200 m.

This fabulous footage from the BBC series 'Life' shows some wonderful slow motion footage of these spectacular fish.  The predator shown in the clip is a Sailfish.

Flyingfishes come in two 'kinds', the four-wing flyingfishes (like those in the movie) have both the pectoral and pelvic fins enlarged. The two-wing flyingfishes have enlarged pectoral fins only. The four-wing flyingfishes can usually glide farther than the two-wing flyingfishes.

Flyingfishes are often seen taxiing just above the water surface, rapidly beating the water with the large lower lobe of the caudal fin