Notes and links for a Masterclass I'm teaching on March 24, 2010, for University of Technology students.

Teaching a Masterclass tonight at UTS to a bunch of students about what museums are doing in the Web 2.0 area. I’ll be discussing the following.

1. Why museums are in these spaces – data about visitors’ use of social media

2. What they are doing there, using our All About Evil exhibition development blog/Facebook group as a case study

3. Social media in exhibition development – building community:

  • Stage 1: build, invite, personalise, network, populate the web
  • Stage 2: maintain, post, encourage, question
  • Stage 3: develop content, seek feedback, ask for active contribution

4. Web 2.0 and organisational change for museums:

  • Let go
  • Risk-taking
  • Go for it
  • Networks & connections
  • Scaffolding
  • Self-monitor
  • Participation

5. Six ways to make Web 2.0 work (based on an HBR article):

  • Top people lead through informal channels
  • Users determine how they do things: not imposed
  • Needs to be integrated as part of work processes: not an add on
  • Appeal to people's desire for recognition
  • Never know where solutions will come from
  • Balance freedom and control

6. Developing a Web 2.0 mindset

7. Repurposing content: write once, publish broadly across a range of mediums

8. Other museums