We are very excited to announce our brand new Frogs Field Guide mobile application! 

The Frogs Field Guide is the Museum’s second mobile app based on both our scientific expertise and our collection resources, enabling users to discover the wonderful and fascinating world of Australian frogs while harnessing the unique attributes of mobile technologies.

Users can Browse comprehensive information about frogs, including detailed photographs, distribution maps, frog calls and fact sheets. The calls in particular are a great resource for you to identify a frog with. A fun example of using the calls can been seen in video below:

The app also enables you to locate Nearby frogs using the phone’s GPS. Coupled with this is the ability to Log your own frog sightings, through tagging the frog’s location and uploading images to your own phone. Another unique aspect of the app is the Explore view, allowing you to identify a frog based on body colour, belly colour, toe pad sizes, toe webbing and location.

Future releases of the app will enable you to add your frog sightings to the Museum’s online collection database. We also plan to encourage you to share sightings with your friends via Facebook and Twitter.

So, download our app and try it for yourself today!