A blog series about the Australian Museum DigiVol project.

DigiVol: It keeps getting better

Find out more about why 2015 was a very good year for DigiVol.

DigiVol: Thespians, gourmets, travellers... citizen scientists

Find out more here about two very different experiences shared by DigiVols outside of the lab.

DigiVol: Volunteers making a difference

DigiVol recognises the hard work and professionalism shown by a masterful group of volunteers. 

DigiVol: Supporting scientific research at the Australian Museum

DigiVol volunteers help to advance science by digitising collections in preparation for study by researchers. 

DigiVol: Where in the World Is DigiVol?

Find out more about what inspired DigiVol volunteers at the Australian Museum to become DigiVollys. 

DigiVol:Leaping Leo and The Fat One have a new home

Barbara Pointer, a DigiVol volunteer and her family have generously gifted two bearded dragons to Live Exhibits at the Australian Museum. 

DigiVol: Sir Isaac Newton, Charles Darwin, DigiVol, BVP...pardon?

Learn more about our growing community of citizen scientists at the Australian Museum. 

DigiVol:Malacology CRG 008 digitised and almost dusted

DigiVol digitisers support the work undetaken by Malacology Collection staff and research scientists.