Over the past 2 years we have been refurbishing some of our most popular boxes. We have just finished the Echidna and Platypus boxes and they look great.

The dioramas in both boxes have been redesigned. New hands on specimens have been included and there are new information panels, activities and teaching resources.  We have been slowly adding new resources over the last 12 months so you might have noticed the changes, but it's exciting for the boxes to be completed.

We are continually working on the all boxes to keep them looking up to date. So keep an eye out for new content in the Bats box because it is almost finished. We are also replacing all the resin embedments in the Minibeast box and painting new dinosaur models to replace some of the damaged ones in the Dinosaur box.

These boxes are looking brand new, but we do have some space left, so let me know if there are additional resources that you would find useful.