I don't get out of the Box to visit many schools because Museum in a Box keeps me very busy in Sydney, so when the opportunity arose I jumped at the chance to visit some regional schools.

One of the questions I always get asked when people are booking Museum in a box is “do you come too”. It is unfortunate that we can't send a museum educator with every box, but sometimes I get a chance to leave the hallowed halls of the Australian Museum and venture out and visit some schools. This gives me a great opportunity to see the boxes in action and watch how the students and teachers interact with the content. It also provides first hand evaluation on what works and what doesn't.

I will be travelling 2500km visiting 6 schools in 5 days with 2 boxes and several other boxes being delivered along the way.  I hope the boxes get there before I do.  

Stay tuned, I will be posting after each school visit.