First stop on my way south to the Bermagui Bioblitz was Narooma Highschool to talk about the Catchments: Water for Living box.

The south coast of New South Wales is one area that doesn't borrow many Museum in a Boxes, so the opportunity to participate in the Bermagui Bioblitz gave me a great excuse to visit some south coast schools.

There are 5 schools participating on the Bioblitz and I sent them all Museum in a Box to provide collecting equipment and resources.

Narooma Highschool was my first stop on this south coast adventure. The staff at the school set up the 1.5m long model in the library and I had the great opportunity to talk to the whole of year 7 about catchments and water quality.

I demonstrated the catchment model to show flood events in the upper catchment and erosion sites. I now have one blue hand and one yellow hand from the food colouring used to highlight the water flow in the model, but it was worth it to see the kids so fascinated with the working catchment model.

Next stop Tathra Public school.