I travelled over 3000km in 10 days visited a couple of hundred students from 6 schools. It was great to get home to start planning the next visit. 

It has been an amazing opportunity to get outside the Museum and the Box program to visit regional schools. At every school I was rewarded by smiling faces, enthusiasm and lots of questions. The students loved exploring the specimens and hands on material and were surprised that so much fit into the boxes.

This is what outreach programs are all about - getting specimens and educational material out to regional areas that can't get to the Australian Museum and in some cases any museum. Museum in a Box continue to grow with 450 boxes booked from over 200 different schools and community groups this year.

Video Conferencing has helped us bridge the gap, but nothing can replace actual visitors to these schools. I know I can’t get to every school or even every region each year, but I will make an effort to get on the road once or twice a year to see what is happening out in regional NSW and to bring Museum in a Box to those schools that might not know this resources is available to them.

Let me know if you want me to visit your area and remember to look at what Museum in a Boxes and video conferences are available.