After a year of planning and development the new Freshwater Box is finished and is heading out to NSW schools. The Freshwater box was developed in partnership Sydney Water and is the second box in a new style that includes scientific equipment to assist student in monitoring their local environme

There is a strong environmental focus to all new Museum boxes and where possible monitoring equipment is provided. When the boxes are returned we want to make sure we have left the students with the skills and knowledge to monitor, investigate and assess their local area.

The Freshwater box replaces the Life in Freshwater box and has been expanded to include water quality monitoring equipment and new learning resources. The new content provides a glimpse into life in fresh water, how we impact it and the action we can take to improve our catchments.

It has been a great experience to work with staff from Sydney water on this project. By sharing resources and expertise we have developed a great resource for schools to learn about freshwater environments.

Let me know what you think.