Just a short drive on a long straight road north of Deniliquin I arrived at Conargo Public School.

Day 7 Thursday 10 June 2010 - Conargo Public School is a small rural school about 30 minutes north of Deniliquin.  I arrive at this school in the morning ready to get the spare box I had out of the car, but it wasn't needed as both the Living on the Land and the Freshwater box had arrived yesterday.

I went through both boxes with the students, they loved the hands on specimens.  The younger students went off the class and I went through the Freshwater box with years 3-6.  It was great to find out what they already know and see how the boxes could help expand on this knowledge. 

It was also nice to hear stories about Helen Beare my predecessor who retired 2 years ago - a couple of teachers remember her coming out to the school with artifact to show the students.

From here I'm back down to Deniliquin, Stay tuned.