Day 5 of my regional NSW trip has brought me to Buronga Public School on the mighty Murray River across the river from Mildura.

After leaving Clare Public School I travelled another 240km south west over some very rough roads though Lake Mungo National Park.

Buronga Public School has a few more students than Clare Public School but is still a small school with under 100 students.  I had chance to bring the Australian Museum to these students by showing them the Life on Seashore and Freshwater boxes.  They will also get the next 3 weeks to explore these topics through the activities and specimens.

I spent the afternoon with a years 3 - 6 group looking at the specimens in the boxes and what they had seen before.  This was followed by a K - 2 group who wanted to know if they were real or alive.  They were also surprised that the box fitted so much in it.

I was then able to highjack the Video Conferenced staff meeting and show the teachers from Buronga and some from other local schools the boxes and explained what Museum in a Box is all about.

Stay tuned for tomorrows adventures.