Bunnaloo Public school was the next stop on my regional NSW trip.  Travelling through the Riverina Bunnaloo is about 60knm west of Deniliquin.

Day 6 June 9 2010 - Bunnaloo Public School is a small rural school that is located in the township of Bunnaloo providing for the students from within the township and surrounding farms. I arrived after a 4.5 hours drive from Buronga over some dirt roads.

I had sent along the Sharks and the Life on Seashore box to arrive before me to use with the students, unfortunately only one box had arrive by the time I got there on Wednesday afternoon. Luckly I was able to use their SMART board to bring up lots of Australian Museum resources on sharks and to show them what they will see when the Sharks box arrives.

Stay tuned for update on tomorrows school.