The next stop on my journey to the south coast of NSW was Bermagui Public School

I woke up to a large light brown praying mantis on the window and spent the rest morning exploring the local area getting ready for the Bioblitz.

I saw black swans, swamp hens, whip birds, some beautiful wrens and finished off my walk with a very large Red Bellied Black snake crossing my path and disappearing over the sand dune into the long grass.

After an amazing morning in the local wetland I went to visit Bermagui Public school. Several of the year 6 students are going to the Bioblitz and it was great to talk to the whole class. This group also had one of the Catchment: Water for Living box, so we took it outside and set up the catchment model.

We filled it with water and discussed different flood scenarios and what can be put in place to protect our waterways. We put different colour food dyes on the model to simulate erosion and runoff event. It was a lot of fun and the student had a great time using the model.

It will be great to see the student I have visited in the last few days and the Bermagui Bioblitz.