2011 has been a great year for Museum in a Box®. Over 550 boxes were sent out to schools and community groups across NSW and beyond.

Most of the 559 boxes were sent to NSW group, but a few went further away. One box went to Western Australian for a term and another went to the Northern Territory for a teachers conference and one box went all the way to Alaska for a special program.

The new Catchment: Water for Living box funded by Sydney Water was completed in Term 2 2011. The box contains a 1.5m long catchment model, water quality monitoring equipment and new learning resources. The content provides information on the importance of water, catchment management and global water issues.

This year has also been spent developing the framework and content for the new National Parks box. This box is progressing well and will be available for loan Term 2 2012. It has been a great experience to work with staff from Sydney Water and NSW National Parks and Wildlife Services on these project. By sharing resources and expertise we are able to developed a great resource for schools.

2011 also saw the complete refurbishment of the Platypus, Echidnas and Bats boxes. These boxes received new information panels, books, DVDs and teaching resources and look amazing. The Dinosaurs and Minibeast boxes were partially refurbished with the addition of new specimens. The updated background notes will be completed early 2012.

We are very proud of the Museum in a Box® program and would like to hear from you. Please let us know what topics or content you would like to be developed next.