The results are in, and the winner!

The initial survey that we sent out many months ago is now closed and here is a short overview of what you said that you would like to see included in the Museum 2 You program:

  • For the three proposed topic areas you said that they were all important to you but Biodiversity at 98.9% and Sustainability at 76% came out the winners.
  • When we asked you what aspects of Biodiversity you’d like us to focus on you said that Habitat Destruction was most important to you with Threatened Species and the Over Use of Resources coming in a very close second.
  • On Climate Change you said to us that you were most interested in having information on facing Local Challenges with an exploration of Carbon Footprints and Renewable Energies following close behind as the most popular areas.
  • With what you wanted to see included on Sustainability it was almost a dead heat, you said that you’d like to have information on Reduce, Re-use, Recycle and What you can do to help coming in as the top two responses. Followed very closely with a strong request for information on Self Sustainability and Saving Energy as well.
  • You all indicated that the program would be of relevance to your communities, which is fantastic news!

Your responses here were great they have really helped us to move forward and begin work on designing a program that is right for you.