Welcome to the beginning of the Museum 2 You program, I just thought I’d drop in and introduce myself. I’m Jon, and I’m an Intern working on the project with Karen. I'm really excited to get this program up and running.

Karen has mentioned we have our survey up and running at the moment for you to have your say on what goes into the displays for the Museum 2 You project. We have had a great response so far but we want your input; if you have already responded and are reading this, thank you very much for your contributions they are greatly appreciated. If you’d like to contribute but haven’t yet, just head off to this link: http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/YLQQSKN

You will see me around here on a regular basis making posts and encouraging discussion. If you have any questions or comments you can post them up here, don’t forget to also visit the Museum 2 You website at: http://www.australianmuseum.net.au/Museum-2-You where you can also leave comments for us as well. There is a lot of great information there for you as well as some practical information to download like our bug collecting manual to get you started.

So, why don’t I start a discussion, and it’s a question that is both really quite simple and yet very complex at the same time; What does biodiversity mean to you? To find out more about what Biodiversity is, why not head over to the Museum 2 You page and see what we have there; http://www.australianmuseum.net.au/What-is-biodiversity once you’ve had a read of that, pop back over here to the blog and tell us what you think of when you consider what Biodiversity means to you.

Speaking of Biodiversity, don’t forget that 2011 is the International Year of Forests in Australia as well. http://www.internationalyearofforests.com.au

I look forward to reading your responses and also bringing this project out to you.