There is a variety of video conferences available with the Australian Museum. Try out something new for Term 4 with your students.

Video Conferencing has provided a great opportunity to have schools link-up with our vast collection, educators and experts. These interactive sessions offering learningexpereinces anywhere and everywhere. 

So far this year we have reached almost 5000 students across Australia and beyond. We have also begun training up additional staff to deliver our session so we can offer even more in 2014. This will increase our reach across Australia enabling us to reach regional student that wouldn't be able to visit the Australian Museum site.

Throughout the rest of 2013, the Australian Museum will be running a series of video conferences, with a variety of interactive video conferences, including topics on Minibeasts, Indigenous Australians, Geology Rocks, Megafauna... and more. There’s something for every school.

Indigenous Art workshop - $88.00
In this practical workshop students create an artwork of their own. They explore Indigenous culture and art from various regions of Australia.
11am 25 October, 8 & 22 November, 6 December

Indigenous Totems - $88.00
In this practical workshop students learn about lifestyles and beliefs of Indigenous Australians whilst creating their own totem.
10am 25 October, 8 & 22 November, 6 December

Minibeast Magnified - $88.00
Minibeasts Magnified explores the exciting and diverse world of invertebrates. Students will learn how to identify common groups of invertebrates and why they are important.
10am 22 October and 3 December

Geology Rocks - $88.00
The Video conference will look at the dynamic earth forming processes. There will be explosive experiments demonstrated including the step by step exploration of the different phases of a volcanic eruption.
11am 22 October and 3 December

National Water Week - $44.00
To Recognise National Water week this event provides a glimpse into life in freshwater. You will find out how to use water quality collecting and testing equipment and we will look how we impact our water ways and what we can do take to improve our catchments.
2pm 21 & 22 October

ClickFest 2013

The Australian Museum is participating in ClickFest on 4 - 29 November. Clickfest is a video conferencing festival highlighting the diversity and scope of video conferences available to schools across Australia. Sessions are delivered free or at reduced cost to schools, providing a great opportunity for teachers to give it a go. 

 ClickFest will be launched with Dinosaur day on 4 November 2013.

Join Winny the Australian Museum's Muttaburrasaurs as she opens ClickFest and Dinosaur day. 


All booking can be made through the Dart Connections website


If we don't have a session that suits your schools schedule please let us know.