Our Lifelong Learning department's first advisory meeting.

I recently shared a day at the Museum with the Lifelong Learning team and a generous group of teachers who kindly gave up a day of their holidays for our first Teachers’ Advisory Group meeting. It was great to meet creative, articulate primary and secondary teachers from independent, catholic and government schools all over Sydney.

The teachers enjoyed a guided tour of the Museum, including the dedicated learning spaces, and the Lifelong Learning team outlined the educator-led programs that we offer to students.

In a round table discussion session teachers had a good look at the Education section of the Museum’s website and gave us guidance on what type of online resources they’d like to see and how they’d like them organised. We discussed digital learning in museums and heard their thoughts on the use of technology.

After a social lunch we broke off into subject areas and discussed the new Australian Curriculum. The teachers gave us their views on the way the Museum can best support teachers with the new syllabus content both through onsite programs and online resources.

I found the day stimulating and rewarding and it was good to hear that all the attendees would like to be further involved in the future.

Thanks to the teachers for their time and constructive input throughout the day. I thoroughly enjoyed it and look forward to many more productive meetings.

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