Ten lucky entrants from each category were selected as finalists. We await their response with enthusiasm!

The entries all laid out together were a spectacle to behold! They were set out in a private space at the Museum on 29 April for our judges Kelley Sheenan, Matt Paroz, Louise Olsen and Robert Carroll to select the finalists. The judges were impressed by the inventiveness and great variety of the entrants' approaches to the task, as well as by the obvious time and effort that had been invested.

Great thought was put into the selection process, with photos thoroughly examined and entry forms carefully read. We thank the judges for being so generous with their time. They were clearly enjoying themselves; exclamations of delight and surprise were common – Look at this one! That's great! How fun! How clever! How beautiful! What a good idea! ... and so on past morning tea, lunch and into the afternoon.

There were so many fine entries, that it was hard to think that only the ten highest scoring entries across the selection criteria could be invited to the parade as finalists. Those lucky ten entrants were advised by email of their selection late on 29 April. However, their place as a finalist can only be secured and announced on our website once they have confirmed by reply email that they can attend the Fashion Less Waste parade on Thursday 19 May 2011. We await their response with enthusiasm.

Other entrants may yet have an opportunity to become a finalist; all entrants are encouraged to check their email regularly through early May. 

Stay tuned for an announcement of the finalists! It will be a wonderful Fashion Less Waste parade.