Seaweek is the Marine Education Society of Australasia’s annual campaign to increase understanding & appreciation of our marine environment.

The theme for 2014 is Sustainable Seas! Are there really plenty more fish in the Sea?

Human activities are putting pressure on the ocean and marine environments in many ways. Direct impacts like  overfishing, chemical pollution and litter, lower water quality and threaten wildlife.  Less direct activities such as carbon pollution leads to climate change and ocean acidification. It is important to recognise that people have the power to make positive impacts on the ocean in their everyday decisions. Below are some simple way that you can make a difference:

  1. Reduce the use of plastics
  2. Buy ecofriendly cleaners to reduce the amint of chemicals entering our waterways
  3. Be energywise - minimise the amount of carbon pollution your lifestyles emit.
  4. Learn about the source of your seafood and ask if it comes from a sustainable industry that minimises by-catch

To recognise Sea Week the Australian Museum is particpating in a series of Video Conferences for schools highlighting our collection and research.

Meet the Experts - Monday 3 March at 2pm

We are bringing our scientists to you! Meet Mark McGrouther Collection Manager; Ichthyology (Fish) to talk about the collection and some of the exciting field trips he's been on.

Catchment Health - Wednesday 5 March at 10am

The Catchment Health video conference explores some of the impacts facing our marine environments. This session looks at the importance of catchments and how everything we do on land has impacts in our marine environments.

Claws, Tentacles and Spines - Wednesday 5 March at 11am

The Claws, Tentacles and Spines session explores the fascinating diversity of marine invertebrates. Join the Australian Museum to discover some of the amazing adaptations of these spineless wonders.

Meet the Experts - Thursday 6 March at 2pm

This is your chance to come face to face with our scientist and ask your questions. Amanda Hay will talk about her research into the ecology of larval fishes.

See these links for background information on Ichthyology collection and some of the Australian Museums amazing field trips.