After a long drive through winding country roads in a Museum car filled to the brim with science ‘goodies’, we arrived in Narrabri tired but excited to put on the Australian Museum’s Science Unleashed festival.  

Wednesday, November 17 was the primary schools day of the festival. It was great to see all the young budding scientists identifying spiders by their webs with Nathan, discovering the properties of liquid nitrogen with Isabelle and having an electrifying experience with astrophysicist Anant and his van de Graff generator. By the end of the day, they were exhausted but smiling from ear to ear as they shook our hands and gave us hugs in appreciation for the wonderful day they had.


That night was a chance for the Science Unleashed team to get together with the all the local Narrabri sponsors and organisations involved and thank them for their support. After drinks and nibbles and a few words from the mayor of Narrabri, people enjoyed some time stargazing in the inflatable planetarium and finished off the evening with a taste of delicious liquid nitrogen ice cream.


The next day was the secondary students’ turn to take part in all the exciting activities we had in store for them. Students extracted strawberry DNA with Dr. Rebecca, explored the night sky with Shayne in the inflatable planetarium, made biodegradable plastic with the Powerhouse Museum and took part in chromatography experiments with the UNSW chemistry team. Students also had a unique opportunity to talk to scientists and learn all about the huge variety of careers in science, engineering, technology and innovation at the EXPO.


We left Narrabri on Friday full of fond memories from our little science trip. We were so warmly welcomed by the Narrabri community and had such a great time with the students. We look forward to doing it all over again next week when the Australian Museum hits the road for Wagga Wagga.