The Web2Spider workshops were developed and delivered as part of many of our outreach programs. Feedback from teachers has deeply informed the development of the project. How do you use Bugwise?

• One teacher used the toolkit as part of the celebration of World Environment Day

Our environment day went off really well. We had 240 children rotating through 4 activities in one hour so it was amazing that it went so smoothly. They loved the W2W activity and when their time was up we had trouble stopping them. Our students were stage 2 and the leaders running the activity were from year 9. I must say that the high school students loved the activity as much as the primary school children so thanks again for getting it to us in time. We will definitely be using it a lot in the future.

• We provided training for activity coordinators as part of the Veronica James Science Challenge

"Web2Spider was the surprise subject for the girls. They thought it would be boring but according to them they learnt the most from that lesson". Greg was surprised and impressed at how interested the kids were in finding out about biodiversity and the spiders. He was also extremely grateful for all the work Sue had put into preparing the kits as it made adapting the lesson for the VJSC quite manageable. "A+ to the Australian Museum on a cheap, fun, outdoorsee educational experience".

• We experimented with delivering Web2Spider workshops as part of the Australian Museum's video conferencing program

We used Web2Spider to support our students learning in Science and Technology and as a means to engage our students in the world of arachnids. Students were able to ask experts questions and engage in discussions before, during and after the vc (I still have students bringing in photos of St Andrews Cross spider webs they find in their yards and at school!).
We would love to have a follow up session or participate in sharing sessions with a group of schools or interested students. Whether this was via a wiki, blog or student led vc presentation - getting our students to be able to connect to others is really important.

One of the ways we hope you will use this blog is to provide us with ongoing feedback but also to share your results and methodologies with other teachers, educators, students and communities.

How have you used Web2Spider?