We asked, you answered, we listened...here's the results.

We asked you about what kind of events you'd like to attend, what workshops you wanted and some general questions on the M2U program and here's what you said:

  • A whopping 83% said that you would be interested in attending events designed around our three key themes.
  • Your responses indicated that you would most like to attend workshops on Environmental Issues such as Bird, Animal, Invertebrate & Plant Surveying, as well as Energy Efficiency and Composting.
  • When we asked you how you wanted the program to be delivered to you said that via the web with monthly workshops was the way to go, they came in equal as the most selected answers here.
  • You also said that if you could you'd be very likely to host this exhbition and the most popular loan periods were 1 month and 3 months.

Thank you so much everyone, your initial input has been absolutely invaluable we had a fantastic respone with 92 people completing our survey and you have all contributed to the development and direction of the M2U program.

Let us know if you have any other ideas.