It’s no secret—Australians love their seafood! But a lot of the fish we love is not sustainably fished or farmed. Are you willing to swap your favourite yellow fin tuna for a more sustainable yellow eye mullet?

Banded Carpet Shark at Broughton Island

The Marine Stewardship Council certifies sustainably managed fisheries across the world. Certain seafood species carry an MSC label, which means that they are fished or farmed in an environmentally responsible way. The MSC publishes a list of these seafood species that carry their label.

  • Western Australian rock lobster
  • New Zealand hoki
  • Golden perch
  • Lulloway
  • Yellow eye mullet
EXAMPLES OF SEAFOOD TO AVOID (fished or farmed in an unsustainable way):
  • Deepwater sharks
  • Flathead
  • Smooth oreo dories
  • Southern scallop
  • Yellow fin tuna

To get a list of certified seafood in shops and restaurants, check out the MSC website: . You can also check out this easy to use Sustainable Seafood Guide from the Australian Marine Conservation Service website:

So next time you’re at the fish market, the local grocery store or your favourite fish’n chip shop, think about choosing a fish that will be good for both your tastebuds and the environment.