Educators showed teachers time-saving tips for using the Museum's website with students.

The Museum has broadcast its first 'Web to classroom teacher workshop' as a video conference in a professional development session. The teachers, in schools in the Hawkesbury area, used their school’s computers during the practical session.

They were shown how to navigate the Museum's website and how to use its new functionality. Teachers learnt how to gather and organise their favourite webpages of text, images, movies and sound files into sets and annotated them with activities for students or notes for colleagues. As the sets have their own URL they can now send this to their students or colleagues to use.

Have a look at an example of a set at:

Teachers were also shown how to comment on the site and to upload images, movie and sound files with their comments.

For more information go to Video conferencing – Web to classroom teacher workshop .

For more about how to use the website go to My Museum for Teachers.