Coal Seam Gas, our next viable energy solution or environmental issue?

There is much debate at the moment about the viability of the tapping of Coal Seam Gas (CSG) as a new energy resource for Australia.

CSG is a naturally occuring combination of Methane, Carbon Dioxide, various Hydrocarbons and Nitrogen that can be tapped as an energy resource.

Geoscience Australia has a fact sheet on CSG, click here to have a read and learn more. However, in a recent article from The Age newspaper there have been concerns expressed about the contamination of natural resources, during the extraction process of CSG.

  • Is it a viable energy resource or just a stop-gap measure?
  • Do its benefits outweigh the environmental degredation it may cause?
  • Should we really be putting our resources into this, or should we focus on more renewable energies?

What do you think?