How big is your footprint really?  

'Carbon Footprint' has become another one of those media buzz words that have surrounded the increasing public awareness of the Climate Change debate, yet it is also a valuable tool for measuring our impact on the world we inhabit.

For some more information exactly what your Carbon Footpint is, click here to head over to our website and read what we have put up about carbon footprints. You can also have a look at this article on the Nature Conservation Council of NSW's website which explains more about Carbon Footprints in our own country, and how we compare to other developed nations.

By reducing your own carbon footprint and / or the environmental impact of your workplace you not only benefit the environment we live in but preserve what we have for future generations to come. Here is something to consider:

  • In what simple ways can we educate everyone about reducing their impact on the environment?

Why not have a go at calculating your own carbon footprint, click here and see how well you score!