How can BugWise take advantage of all the great new technology available today? Would BugWise on a smart phone application be useful? or a Twitter account to Tweet your results? We are looking for new ways to make BugWise accessible and exciting.

After successfully launching BugWise for Schools online, the next step is to create interactive tools to make reporting your BugWise results simpler and more exciting.

Some ideas we are thinking about include; applications for hand held devices such as iphones or other smart phones; geomapping; Twitter posting; digital stories; and a feedback forum with programmes that allow you to view your results in a graphical format instantly to compare with other schools.

We are currently talking with a wide range of stakeholders about how best to combine the latest technology with BugWise resources. Do you have any suggestions on different technologies BugWise could benefit from? What format would make BugWise more accessible or more exciting to you?

In the meantime, if you would like to report your results for Web2spider or Plant2pollinator you can do so on this blog! We would love to hear what spider webs you found and how many, or what insects might be pollinating your backyard or playground.