Lifelong Learning staff have had a busy Term 3 with a series of onsite, offsite and virtual events reaching over 10,000 students .

Almost 3500 Year 11 Biology students took part in our Evolution of Australian Biota Study Days through the onsite program at the Australian Museum and Royal Botanical Gardens and offsite including events at at the North Coast Botanical Gardens in Coffs Harbour, Taronga Western Plains Zoo in Dubbo, the Australian Botanic Garden at Mount Annan and the Blue Mountains Botanic Garden at Mount Tomah

Students touch real fossils in hands-on activities that replicate the processes palaeontologists use and have an up close and personal interaction with live animals.

Evolution of Australian Biota Study Days

In early August we participated in the Virtual Excursions Australia SciFest video conferencing festival in the lead up to the Australian Museum Science Festival. This was a great week long virtual festival linking science to students that are too far away to attend the onsite Science Festival.

30 schools participated in a variety of interactive sessions highlighting our collection and research. I love the opportunity to connect with student that can't visit us. I can share my passion for the Museum and science with them and I' m continually surprised by the amazing questions they ask me.

We had students from greater Sydney, regional NSW and Victoria and even connections from Lord Howe Island and Korea

We followed up the virtual festival with the 2 week long Australian Museum Science Festival. We had 6 days of student activities with workshops, talks, shows and a science expo reaching almost 4500 students. There was also a Saturday Community Day and a series of night talks reaching a further 1200 people.

August was an awesome! We all needed a month off to recover, but we're so dedicated we kept going and started planning for the next events and for the Teachers Preview for the new Aztecs Exhibition.