I thought I would drop a line and introduce myself – I’m Isabelle and I am the Education Officer working on this very exciting Museum 2 You project.  

I am thrilled to be working on the design, content development and evaluation of this project. To make sure your needs are met, I will be very interested in all of your questions, comments and responses, so I strongly encourage you to post them up here on this blog as well as our Museum 2 You website: http://www.australianmuseum.net.au/Museum-2-You . Your contribution is essential in making Museum 2 You work for you and your community!

I am interested to find out what you are ALREADY doing in your everyday life that helps you live more sustainably. Think about the little things you might be doing – like taking the train or bus to work, or buying local food products when they are in season. I’m sure you are all doing something that is helping, so share your ideas.

I look forward hearing from you!