What a spectacular and inspiring 2010 Fashion Less Waste parade. The judges choices were hard... Each finalist outfit was mostly made from recycled materials, was inspired by one or more Australian animal, and was fabulous. But in the end, some lucky students had to be chosen as winners

In the TAFE, Tertiary or Design School category .... (drum roll) ...

  • Sarah Follent from Kingscliff TAFE who was inspired by native birds facing habitat destruction
Equal Runners-up:
  • Lauren Rountree from St George TAFE, Kogarah who was inspired by the fish Pomatomus salatrix, commonly known as tailor in Australia
  • Sarah Jane Williams from Kingscliff TAFE who was inspired by octopus and fish species generally

In the Secondary School category ... (drum roll) ...

  • Katinka Olynick of OLMC Burraneer who was inspired by the Australian Tiger Snake, genus Notechis
Equal Runners-up:
  • Sigrid Anita Barnes of Cobar High School who was inspired by the Satin Bower Bird, Ptilonorhynchus violaceus
  • Anna Henry of Nowra High School who was inspired by the (male) Emu, Dromaius novaehollandiae

Who were the judges at the parade?

Were were lucky to have these three wonderful designers present as judges at the parade:

  • Akira Isogawa of Akira
  • Louise Olsen of Dinosaur Designs
  • Kara Smith of Kara Smith

Where can you see the outfits?

The awarded outfits will be on display at the Strand Arcade in June and the Australian Museum in July. Keep an eye on our website for the photographs and video of the parade that will be posted.