Where is the Lounge? 6 College Street Sydney NSW 2010 - Late night openings at the Australian Museum, Tuesday 5:30pm - 9:30pm.

Last Tuesday we had the Opening Night of the museums special summer event "Jurassic Lounge".

The night was a huge success with a massive crowd scattered over every floor of the museum. Talking with one of the staff last week the best question of the night was "Where is the Jurassic Lounge?" Maybe for this week’s event we need to invest in a lounge made entirely of bones. Would make for a great nights sitting...

This week we have another massive line-up of acts and activities, I am particularly excited for the silent disco with DJ CUNNINGPANTS (SNATCH & GRAB DJS).

So if you and your people want in on the action doors open Tuesday 5:30pm & close 9:30pm, plenty of time to get your grove, culture and inner-nerd on. Also, last week I touched a snake it was a memorable experience.

Getting to the event is easy, more info Location & Transport page, tickets are available at the door!

UPDATE: Visit www.jurassiclounge.com for the latest information on these spectacular nights.