Attendees at the 20th Anniversary Australian Museum Eureka Prizes Award Dinner share their thoughts about the evening.

The Australian Musuem Eureka Prizes are Australia’s premier and most comprehensive national science awards for research into critical environmental and sustainability issues facing Australia. From a humble beginning in 1990 of just 3 prizes, the AMEP have grown into a globally unique national award program for scientific research, science communication and school science having awarded over 400 prizes over the past 20 years.

This year's dinner has just passed (18th August) and here's what a range of people had to say:

Thank you for a most memorable evening. I had a wonderful time and arrived back safely last night. My school is extremely proud of our science dept and this recognition is tremendous for our community. This Eureka Moment will last a lifetime! Thank you again. [Prize winner]

Thanks to the Australian Museum for hosting and supporting a night which supports science in such a diverse and eclectic way – from people working in interdisciplinary teams, photography and journalism, to those making real cutting-edge scientific breakthroughs. It was just fantastic. [Prize winner]

Many thanks for the invitation – it was an interesting crowd to mix with, and I can tell you that my knowledge of both fish fossils and the ways in which sea eagles dismember fruit bats has grown exponentially! [Dinner attendee]

The whole evening was as slick as… (even though those lamps on the tables may not have been perfectly aligned). It was another great night and I must admit I was a little surprised at just how really good it looked with all those penguin suits filling the space. Well done. And I am looking forward (without being too presumptuous) to my invitation for next year’s dinner already. [Dinner attendee]

I really did enjoy it and I love being able to help people enjoy the night. I just think you guys did such a magnificent job and it sure shows how professional WE ALL are. Quite a team I'd say! [Staff volunteer]

And finally,

I’d just like to add my congratulations to the long list of happy guests. Thank you so much for inviting me and for arranging such a friendly table. I had a great night and it was a treat to catch up with so many of the Eureka regulars. You did a wonderful job and the presentation was impressive. I hope you’re all going to have a most relaxing and personally indulgent weekend! [Dinner attendee. And to answer that I won't be having a relaxing weekend - I have a family do of 30 people to host!]