We invited a group of teachers to spend a day with us to contribute to the development of our learning resources. They left us with some important messages.

My message for the Museum is:

  • Today you have provided me with a key to unlock my mind so that now I can try to unlock the hearts and minds of my students.
  • Students will have a brighter future and greater opportunities to own their learning and really understand and become engaged with their learning by being able to come to the Museum.
  • Education is the key and the Museum is a real and concrete way of making education relevant.
  • Put the 'e' in Museum - explore, excite, examine, excavate, entertain and engage.
  • Thank you for the wonderful experience today. The Museum is always a place of inspiration and wonder. It revs us up as educators to see just what we can do for our students and ourselves. Leaving here as excited as I arrived!