While building the Deep Oceans exhibition, we’ve had to come up with ways of effectively demonstrating the vastness, as well as the conditions of the Deep Oceans.

Being Australia’s first museum means our archives and collections are rich and extensive, full of history and stories of Australia and beyond.

This has very much been to our advantage throughout the Deep Oceans exhibition process, as we have had access to these resources and the unique opportunity to incorporate pieces from our collections in the exhibition.

Museum Collections

One object that has been integrated into Deep Oceans is the ‘Globe’ from the Museum archives. The ‘Globe’ was built in 1972 for a new gallery called ‘Half of Life’ and was also featured in a more recent museum exhibition, 'Alive'.

Australian Museum - Globe in Alive

The main objective of incorporating it into Deep Oceans is to highlight how much of the Earth is covered by ocean.

We’ve repainted to reveal some of the wonders beneath the waves and give a very visual representation of the ocean world around us.

See the progress of the ‘Globe’ at our prep workshop.

Deep Ocean Globe Progress

Deep Oceans Facts: Oceans cover 71% of our planet, with the average depth 4 kilometres and every time scientists sample the deep oceans, they discover new species.