Birds of Paradise Audience Research

We did a heap of audience research for our upcoming Birds of Paradise exhibition - what did we find out??

Red Bird of Paradise

Red Bird of Paradise
Photographer: James King © Australian Museum Research Library

As part of the formative evaluation for the upcoming Birds of Paradise exhibition (to open April 2011) we conducted a one-day workshop with students aged 13-14 from two schools in Sydney. The workshop focussed on getting feedback about the topic generally, how the Museum could engage young people in the exhibition and their responses to the use of text in exhibitions. We also sampled a range of people to test out the exhibition title.

The following links are to the various reports and outocmes from these projects.

How would you design an exhibit? Meeting Part 1: Introducing the idea of kids' colleges and what we hope to achieve.

How would you design an exhibit? Meeting Part 2 - the day: What we did during the day and what we found out.

Kids and text in museums: Report on what the students thought about museum texts generally.

Birds of Paradise research videos: See and hear for yourself what the students thought of the exhibition, the Museum and life in general!

Birds of Paradise Exhibition: Title Testing Results: What to call the exhibition? The votes are in and reported on this page.

Birds of Paradise evaluation report: Results from exit surveys conducted with visitors to the exhibition.

Birds of Parardise tracking report: Results of tracking surveys observing visitor behaviour in the exhibition

Go here for more about exhibition evaluation and here for information about our work with the Coalition of Knowldge Building Schools.

Dr Lynda Kelly , Manager Online, Editing and Audience Research
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