Biological Diversity Study Days - Coffs Harbour

A full day outreach program for Stage 6 Biology students.

Student with Diprotodon fossils

Student with Diprotodon fossils
Photographer: Stuart Humphreys © Australian Museum

This engaging full day program has been developed by the Australian Museum, the Royal Botanic Gardens & Domain Trust and Taronga Zoo as a specially designed replacement for the popular Evolution of Australian Biota study days. This program is delivered at the North Coast Regional Botanic Garden, Coffs Harbour.

Students will examine fossils, specimens, live animals and plants to understand biological diversity by explaining the relationships between a range of organisms in terms of specialisation for selected habitats and evolution of species.

Educator-led program

The Study Day comprises three educator-led sessions of one hour each:

  1. Theory of Evolution: an Australian Museum educator-led session. Students perform first-hand investigations of fossils, skeletons and genetic data from Australian animals to learn how comparative anatomy and genetics support the Theory of Evolution.
  2. A North Coast Regional Botanic Garden educator leads students in an investigation of plant reproductive strategies, Australian native plants, both past and present; and plant adaptations for a drying continent. 
  3. A Taronga Zoomobile and educator provides students the opportunity to engage with live animals while learning about the Theory of Evolution by Natural Selection. They will explore the impacts that selection pressures have on population dynamics. Students will discover how adaptations increase an organism’s chance of survival while interacting with a selection of Australian animals.

General information

Bookings: Email North Coast Regional Botanic Garden at or 02 6648 4881.
Maximum number of students: 30 per session (3 groups per day) – smaller groups may be combined
Duration: Three one-hour sessions
Cost: $20.90 (incl GST) per student
Location: North Coast Regional Botanic Garden, Coffs Harbour
Transport: Coach parking available
Risk Assessment: North Coast Regional Botanic Garden Risk Assessment Sheet

Dates available:

19-21 June

Terms & Conditions

  • Decreases or increases in your booked number must be advised by 4 weeks before the excursion date.
  • If the number of students attending the Study Day is significantly lower (by 5 students or more) than expected, the school will be invoiced for the booked number of students.
  • We reserve the right to cancel days/sessions not fully filled. 
Please note:
  • Biological Diversity Study Days are also available on selected dates at: Mount TomahMount AnnanDubbo
    and Sydney city.
  • The Australian Museum has two sessions Theory of Evolution (educator-led) and Evolution on our Wild Planet (self-guided) that provide similar content to the Biological Diversity Study Days. These are run at the Australian Museum in Sydney and can be booked independently throughout the year by phone 02 9320 6222 or email
  • The Australian Museum also runs Virtual Excursions for this topic.

Education Resource Kit

An Education Kit will be sent by the North Coast Regional Botanic Garden before your booked excursion date.

Vanessa Gardos , Manager, Education
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