Beran Collection Pacific Photographs

Prints of photographs taken beween 1890 and 1910 in the Solomon Islands, Vanuatu, Papua New Guinea and Australia.


Houses, Frederick Willhelmshafen, Madang Province, PNG

Houses, Frederick Willhelmshafen, Madang Province, PNG
Photographer:  © Courtesy of The Australian Museum

The majority of the 152 images were created by unknown photographers, and show portraits, ceremonies, village scenes and activities as well as trading stations. Some have informative captions, including local names and personal names of traders and settlers. Many of the Solomon Island images are identical to those in another album held by the Australian Museum (see Capell Collection) but the captions are sometimes different. Research suggests that the Beran album images were taken from the original negatives as the captions are at times more detailed. Also included are a few prints of images taken in Vanuatu by John Watt Beattie, Charles Morris Woodford and John William Lindt.

Harry Beran

Harry Beran is a scholar, author and collector specialising in the Massim culture of Milne Bay Province, PNG. He was working in the Philosophy Department, University of Wollongong, when he acquired the album and donated it to the Australian Museum.


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