Behind-the-scenes volunteers

Do you see yourself becoming a behind-the-scenes volunteer? 

This type of volunteering involves helping scientists and other Museum staff in most departments of the Museum at the College Street site. It may include assisting on Australian Museum field trips.

Behind-the-scenes volunteers help staff in many diverse ways such as sorting, data entry, cataloguing, labelling, cross-checking, shelving and some specimen identification. 

Behind-the-scenes volunteering is offered Monday to Friday only and volunteers are expected to make a commitment to volunteer one day a week or fortnight on a regular basis.

There is no weekend behind-the-scenes volunteering available. 

The most important skills required are an ability to communicate and a willingness to listen and learn. Attention to detail, patience and physical dexterity are also often required. Some science knowledge or skill may be an advantage, but is not essential. Some computing skills could be helpful too. 

Behind-the-scenes volunteers are recruited and offered positions as staff need them. This means volunteering positions are limited and it may take some time for a volunteering position to be offered. 

If you would like to become a behind-the-scenes volunteer you can register your interest at any time by emailing Isobel Kindley with your name and contact details.

Once you have registered then information on any position that may suit your skills and interests will be sent to you. If you then decide that you would like to volunteer you will be interviewed and if successful attend an Induction program and receive training.

All volunteers are required to support the Australian Museum's mission and purpose and adhere to all policies, guidelines and procedures.


Isobel Kindley , Volunteers Coordinator
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