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Ipanica cornigera

Ipanica cornigera
Photographer: David Wright © Australian Museum


The Australian Museum in partnership with the Atlas of Living Australia created the DigiVol portal (formerly the Biodiversity Volunteer Portal) which is a website where online volunteers can assist the Museum by transcribing specimen labels, field notes and diaries. This can help us discover the hidden knowledge that is waiting to be found in our vast collections.

This form of volunteering is ideal for dedicated, detail-oriented people who are willing to join the community of volunteers who are helping with the daunting task of digitising the Museum’s large natural history collections. This can be completed anywhere and at any time which is convenient for you. This is a worthwhile project where your time and effort will be greatly appreciated.

Volunteers already on the site have said that they feel that it is a rewarding experience knowing that the information they capture becomes accessible to scientists, conservation agencies and government departments across the country who can then work together to better understand, manage and conserve our precious biodiversity.

The data that is gathered is incredibly valuable as it not only conserves our collections but allows us to understand the relationships between species, their distribution and assists in identifying species. Also, these digital records have the ability to preserve our collections for longer as it greatly reduces the need to handle them.

There are number of expeditions you can embark on with themes that focus on our Malacology, Entomology Collections and the diaries of renowned personality and zoologist Edgar Waite just being a few.

While our volunteer pool is continually increasing, we are always looking for an extra pair of hands to help. If you would like to contribute to this project please go to http://volunteer.ala.org.au/ and create an account in order to embark on an expedition from the comfort of your own home!

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to post them on the Biodiversity Volunteer Portal forum or email Paul Flemons.


Marsha Canning
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