Australian Museum Centre for Citizen Science

Australian Museum Centre for Citizen Science

Discover who we are and how you can get involved with these exciting projects.

Who we are

Aiming to engage the public with science in a practical way.


FrogID is a national citizen science project that is helping us learn more about what is happening to Australia’s frogs.

Australasian Fishes

Upload and identify your own observations (images)
of fishes from Australia and NZ.


Streamwatch is a long running citizen science water quality monitoring program.

Cockatoo Wingtags

Help us find out more about the way these birds are embracing suburban life.

Hollows as Homes

A collaboration between the Australian Museum, Royal Botanic Gardens and Sydney University aiming to build a comprehensive picture of the hollow resources available for native wildlife across Sydney.

Solar-powered Ibis

Join in and help develop an understanding of bird numbers, movements and site fidelity.

Previous Projects

We have been involved in a large number of citizen science projects with other organisations.

ANSTO Feather Map

Get involved in another exciting Citizen Science Project.