Australian Families Visit Museums

This report details findings from a study of Australian families visiting museums

Across the world, museums have paid considerable attention to the needs of children and families through the development of targeted exhibitions, activities and programs and as special-purpose areas. In 2004 a joint study was undertaken between the Australian Museum and the National Museum of Australia This study brought together current information about family visit experiences and made recommendations to enhance these.

There were two parts to this study: a literature review and field research. The detailed literature review includes studies spanning the past 70 years and was commissioned to obtain an up-to-date information about families; how they are defined, how they use museums and the ways that they learn. The field research included a total of 29 case study families in Sydney and Canberra who had visited either the Australian Museum or National Museum of Australia. The sample included a variety of family types with children under 12 years of age.

The study can be downloaded here.

Lynda Kelly
Gillian Savage
Janette Griffin
Susan Tonkin
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