Artlink - Stages 2-3 Student Activities

Students will undertake a structured session with a museum educator based on their subject matter and their chosen art form.

Primary students with paintbrushes

Primary students with paintbrushes
Photographer: Stuart Humphreys © Australian Museum

Before the workshop

To make the most of the workshop experience we strongly advise that students familiarise themselves with the exhibition areas that are relevant to the chosen art form before they begin the workshop with a museum educator.

Workshop activities

  • Introduction and DVD presentation on three artists and their respective art practices – illustration, sculpture and textile art.
  • Explanation of the task including the introduction of a design brief for making an artwork, and research on how to collect visual information for art making.
  • Students will then proceed to one or more of the following exhibition spaces – Dinosaurs, Surviving Australia, Indigenous Australia, Birds and Insects or Minerals depending on your choice of drawing, sculpture or textile workshops.
  • Practical hands on workshop where the students make artwork based on their findings.

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